Starter service is automatically included with the purchase of many three-phase APC brand UPS units. For other three-phase products, commissioning is strongly recommended, and is also required to ensure full coverage under the factory warranty. A certified installation by DCS and the commissioning of your solution ensures that your equipment is configured properly and safely for optimal performance.


Installation by a factory-trained engineer can also extend the life of the hardware and ensure employee safety, environmental compliance and compliance with specifications such as circuit breakers or cable size. With the option of installation packages or individual services for startup and assembly, you can choose the services to meet the specific requirements of your site. An option to update after hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is also available.

Additional installation services for the safe and efficient implementation of your solution


Choosing electrical, mechanical and specification installation services frees you to focus on your core business while implementing your solutions safely and efficiently.


Electrical installation services

  • UPS wiring
  • Generator wiring
  • Power and distribution panels
  • Cooling power


Mechanical installation services

  • Generator piping
  • Chiller piping
  • PEX-AL-PEX pipe
  • Refrigerated water pipe


Mechanical installation services

  • Pouring of concrete pads
  • Construction of rooms, like walls
  • Doors or lighting
  • High floor installation
  • Engineering patterned drawings

Enjoy the flexibility of placing cameras and environmental sensors where they are most needed. Equip your data center, telecommunications rooms and essential IT spaces with security and environmental monitoring to proactively mitigate risks for your uptime. This service can also include the installation of Pelco cameras, ladders and cable trays.

Software administration services Implementation of the InfraStruxure administration software solution


We offer a wide range of software services for your data center. Software installation ensures that your InfraStruxure ™ solution is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Software integration provides planning, design and project management to integrate the management product with your existing software or system. The software configuration allows you to configure your system to use all its capabilities and adapt to the specific needs of your business.


Software Maintenance ensures that your investment is kept up-to-date with software updates, as well as technical support when necessary. Software education, delivered at your location, helps you get the most out of your investment by teaching you operational skills and best practices. Finally, since not all computing environments are the same, it allows you to work directly with senior software engineers to customize our product in an ideal solution for your unique environment

Preventive Maintenance

Proper care and regular maintenance extend the life of mission critical equipment, while ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.


All critical mission infrastructure requires adequate protection through proper maintenance of the system. Insufficient or inadequate service can result in expensive equipment failure and system downtime.


Although environmental changes, human errors or factors related to the product can have a sudden impact on the availability of the system that requires a response of rapid and reactive service, identifiable events such as worn parts or batteries beyond their life expectancy can be avoided by implementing a preventive maintenance plan. The right service is the key to prevent or manage these events.

UPS batteries are not immune to failure. Preventive maintenance and battery replacement are vital components of any UPS maintenance program, since a battery failure can compromise an entire system.


Data Center Services offers a variety of battery services to ensure that your batteries receive the proper service and, when necessary, are replaced in a safe manner by certified service professionals.


Replacements for labor, travel and individual batteries are included, as well as an annual preventive maintenance visit. Both plans eliminate unexpected battery costs by providing 100 percent full battery coverage in case of failure.


The Battery Replacement Service is an ideal option to anticipate an inevitable battery failure. In addition, it can be customized according to your needs and budget. If your budget is tight, you can choose to do the work yourself. Or, for a battery replacement without problems, you may prefer that Data Center Services perform all the work, including the environmentally responsible disposal of exhausted batteries.

Data Center Services ofrece diferentes tiempos de respuesta. En muchas ubicaciones, este tiempo de respuesta se puede actualizar a una respuesta de ocho horas o incluso de cuatro horas. Los beneficios son obvios: diagnósticos anteriores, reparación más rápida y menor tiempo de inactividad.

An on-site examination of your system that guarantees optimal performance and prevents problems before they occur.


The energy and cooling systems contain components and parts that wear out over time. In order to protect yourself from possible downtime and prolong the duration of your investment, preventive maintenance must be carried out periodically.


This proactive service, performed by a certified FSE, includes a visual inspection and cleaning, environmental and electronic inspections and functional tests to ensure that the system is operating at peak performance and identify problems that may cause problems in the future.


Data Center Evaluations

Evaluate the power and cooling infrastructure of your data center; identify ways to improve energy efficiency and availability.


For managers of current data centers, energy management is one of the main concerns. Increasing energy demands and the rising cost of energy have led to a greater focus on reducing energy consumption while maintaining maximum availability. DCS offers a series of evaluation services aimed at improving energy efficiency and improving reliability in the data center.

Services for Projects

Designed to help you complete your projects on time and within budget


Project Management services are designed to help you with the management and efficient deployment of large-scale projects, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. DCS assumes responsibility for the successful completion of the project based on a comprehensive project plan that consists of the scope, timeline, risk analysis, communication plan and order change process. Your specialized project manager will guide all stages of the project to ensure that the completion is done within the deadlines and within the budget, avoiding costly cost overruns and saving you time and money.

A single point of contact for efficient implementation of your solution


Installation Management is a standard service that assigns a project manager from the PO until the end of the project to coordinate, manage, supervise and report on the installation, which provides a single reliable point of contact. This service also includes the site coordination service, which prepares your site for the quick and efficient implementation of your solution

Technical Cleaning of Data Centers

Compliance with ISO 14644 standard on air cleaning classification, we offer specialized cleaning for controlled environments.

  • Advanced technical cleaning performed by high level technical personnel.
  • Minimize the risk of fire due to the accumulation of dust on the hardware.
  • Avoid electrostatic discharges that enter transmission faults.
  • Avoid ferric materials (oxides).
  • Minimize mechanical waste and hardware failures.
  • Minimizes air pollution
  • Avoid the cleaning of DC by unqualified personnel that may cause failures and problems in the system.
  • Keep the environment of the direct current without polluting particles